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Support common video,animation,and image display

The product is suitable for indoor use. If you need to use it outside,be equipped with a protective cover

The product recommended to be installed above 3.5M, otherwise the protective cover should be fitted.

Editing software suitable for windows xp / windows 7 / windows 8 / windows 10


Item Descrption:

Resolution: 450*224px

Inpute Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60 HZ

Power: 10-15W

Viewing Angle:160 degree

File Format: mp4 / avi / rmvb / jpeg / png

LED Quantity: 224pcs

LED Working Life: 10000hours

Color: Black

Product Size: Length 42* Width 13 * Height 12 cm

​The normal product size( without wifi): Length 42* Width 13 * Height 6.5 cm


Wifi function :

1,Support the memory card ,  App of phone or notebook transfer pictures .

2,The APP support Android and IOS systerm ,but the APP transfer speed is slow( Best 10 seconds video) and the function is simple.The best way is upload files by memory card,the memory card is more stable.

3,Wifi is just a way to connect mobile phones and machines , Not a network that can really access the Internet.


Package Included:

1* host,1* power plug,1*memory card (8G),1* memory card reader,1* holder,1* holder,4* screw

1* remote control to turn on/off the projector (Not include battery, the type of battery is 1pcs 23A) 



1, In order to avoid the problem of customs checking, the remote control does not contain battery.

2, When you first use, the fan may be work some minutes then it will stop, but it is normal situation.

In that time, you can reinsert the socket and use the remote control to open the 3D fan, it will work well .

3, The SD memory card includes the software. 

If it doesn't include, you can download in this link: https://huangbanjin.gitee.io/bergerh/   And choose 224 mode

4,Is there a time limit for video?

About 3 minutes limit, but try to control videos' length in 15 seconds, it will be better.

5, Our software which we provided is a convert software to convert video or picture to bin file to suit the player using.

6, What kind of files or how can I create 3d images for the fan?

Support MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV,, JPG, PNG format with a black background . You can download some software like AE,MAYA,3D MAX on your computer by yourself to make 3d effect and then turn to bin format.

7,What rpm does the fan rotate? 

The rpm is 1100 and the frame is 15fr.

8,The device play sound ?

Sorry, it didn't support sound.

9,The gif will be displayed very fast on the machine because the time of gif is too short. Therefore we do not recommend  that you use gif files.

10,Due to product updates, the accessories may some difference from the manual or detail page, but the functions are exactly the same.

11, The software which we provided can change the language to English, please the video.

12,The WIFI app is called '3D PLAYER' , instead of '3D PLAYER PRO'

13,We test each mechine before sending it out,so the sd card is in the machine. If the machine rotates normally and you have stored videos in the sd card, but the machine is not show the video, it is likely that the sd card is broken during transportation. Please replace the sd card and try again.




How to download the app:

Android system,scanning the code TIM截图20191102173632

 IOS system, please serach the '3D player' in app store.TIM截图20191102173834






Real show


Brand Name: Fding
Power Source: EU,US,UK,AU
Model Number: advertising lamp
Voltage: 110-220V
Usage: Advertising
Item Type: Advertising Light