PowerSign FYD-898 WiFi Table Advertising Player Single LCD 8 Inch Call Order Ad Display Restaurant Table Advertising Player


8 INCH DISPLAY WiFi Table Advertising Player Single LCD

As Innovation Table Advertising Player Restaurant Power Bank

Valuable Advantages: 

Turn your Coffee Shop, Bar, Hotel, Restaurant, Salon and Exhibition Booth to a service paradise. While your guests use your thoughtful service 2A output quickly phones charging, they are able to study the Menu, Beverage list and watch different kinds of Advertisements, which can be placed inside the power bank, without any hurry.

1. For Restaurants and Bars, guests stay longer and often come and so they consume more drinks and food. 
2. For Hotels, show drink and food menu on both sides and provide phone charging to improve the customer service and the guest satisfaction. 
3. For Advertising company, our innovative 7 Inch Table Digital Advertising Player effectively enhance and expand your customers product advertising coverage. 

★ Android 6.0 with RAM 1 G and 8G Storage
★ SINGLE 8” HD 1080p Wide Angle LCD Touch Screen 
★ Include Ad System, Order System, Call System ,Hyperlink Functions etc
★ Remotely Push Image / Video to Devices
★ Devices Auto Update Display Through WiFi and Cloud Server
★Great Solutions for Table Advertising and Phone Charging 
★Suitable for kinds of Venues, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Bars, Weddings, Waiting rooms, Events, Exhibitions,etc. 

PowerSign PSFYD898

  • 8'' HD Wide angle LCD screen(600*1024), support pictures slideshow and multiple videos format play;
  • Remotely upload images and videos through WIFI
  • To admin each registered power bank by backstage system of administrator computer
  • Click the touchscreen to stop playing at any time ★ Run android system, can upload and install APP by yourself
  • Size:130mm*114*246mm Perfect for Table
  • Single 8 Inch 1080P Screen Display Video and Picture
  • Screen Resolution 800*1280 Pixels 
  • Built in NAND Flash 8G
  • Display Advertisement Time for 27~33 Hours

FYD-898 WiFi 8 Inch Call Order Ad Display System Restaurant Table Advertising Player 

Great Solutions for Table Advertising & Phone Charging.

Display Advertising on Lot of Tables is a newest and innovative way

that is the nearest and longest stay and can have interaction with consumers.

Our Android WiFi models comes with our brand-new powerful easy to use cloud-based

 digital signage software include Ad Display System, Order System, Call System etc together. 

Key Feature: Patent Design, Original Manufacturer, Stylish Appearance

                    Single 8 Inch LCD Touch Screen Android WiFi Table Advertising Display Player

                    Big Capacity 20800mAh Charging Station Restaurant Menu Power Bank


FREE BASIC Cloud Based Wifi Content Control (Remotely upload images and videos online and hubs update through WIFI) NO MONTHLY FEE

As Power Bank Excellent Features

★ Android 6.0 with RAM 1G and 8G Storage
★ Better View: BIgger 8 Inch 1080P HD Full View IPS LCD Touch Screen Resolution 800 * 1280 Pixels
★ Pre-Installed Our Ad APP
★ After Device Turned on, Auto-Starting to Continuously Loop Full / Split Screen Video and Image
★ CMS : Login Ad Management Platform to Remotely Release
★ Devices Auto Update Play Contents by WiFi and Cloud Server
★Optional Motion Rader Sensor for Screen Auto On / Off
★ All 20800mAh Only Support Screen Display Last For 30 Hours
★ WiFi: 2.4G 802.11B/G/N/A

★ Packing and Shipping: We ship worldwide from our warehouse in Utah, USA, or from factory in China. Delivery time is within 8-12 days. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout depending upon quantities and region

If you need more information before order, please contact us:  sales@powersign.net

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