PowerSign Phone charger locker Paid Operation multi door pin code lock ARCAS charging locker station



ARCAS Coin Operated charging Locker with floor stand

Cell phone charging stations apply to emergency charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices. The entire equipment runs at low voltage (5v) to ensure the security of charging, and it can charge 30 phones at the same time. Our charging stations are creating business opportunities for different customers in restaurants, cafes, malls, exhibits, events, festivals, arenas, and other viable venues.


Our secure locker with fast charging speed can be used at:

  • Gyms and Health clubs
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shops
  • Convention Centers and Casinos
  • Airports and Transit Stations
  • Event and Meeting Facilities

It’s more than just a simple charging station, it’s a business opportunity and a money making machine. The PowerSign cell phone charging stations accept a variety of coins that are used to open the charging lockers. Choose a payment price of $1-$5. Customers can put coins, and then use the phone charge station


  • connect the phone to the cable
  • the matching indicator light flashes
  • put the coin into the coin acceptor
  • the light stop flashing, phone start charging
  • Don't forget to close the door

Multi type device accepted

★ Packing and Shipping: We ship worldwide from our factory in China. Delivery time is within 8-12 days. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout depending upon quantities and region.

Frequently Asked Questions

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