Charging Station Locker Cargalocker , a business opportunity

The PowerSign Charging Station Locker CARGALOCKER, is a modern unit for recharge the battery of your device fast and securely. Actually, almost 95% of people used a mobile device, and they are running where to recharge. PowerSign Charging Station Locker CARGALOCKER is more than just a simple charging station, it’s a business opportunity and a money making machine. The PowerSign cell phone charging stations accept a variety of coins that are used to open the charging lockers. Choose a payment price of $1-$5. Customers can put coins, and then use the phone charge station. It accepts any kind of coins, so you can use it almost Worlwide.

Cell phone charging stations apply to emergency charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices. The entire equipment runs at low voltage (5v) to ensure the security of charging, and it can charge 30 phones at the same time. Our charging stations are creating business opportunities for different customers in restaurants, cafes, malls, exhibits, events, festivals, arenas, and other viable venues.

 Product Features:

This product includes three parts, metal locker body, charging module and safe module.

1.Metal locker body:

1).material:high quality cold rolled steel sheet.

2).surface finish: powder coated painting,anti rusty,anti scratch.

3).the main body has two area,customer area and maintenance area; 

(a)available in 6 ,10 or 12 compartment 

(b)maintenance area is used by administrator, which checkout facility

4). the station could be mounted on wall or set with stand, or place on a table.

2.Charging module of mobile phone charging station:

1). POWERSIGN charging station CargaLocker are the best solution for the safe storage and power charging of mobile device, for iphone, android system and other mobile phone.

2). each compartment is set with a quality cable,which is with usb and chargers.the cable is fixed through the hole to avoid be taken away by users.

A stable DC (5V 1A~3A) could charge phones and devices by the cable.

3). the whole charging station provides 200W output, which is able to charge the most of 12 mobile devices simultaneously.

4). operating principle : 220V or 110 AC input Transformer module, AC to DC; then Charge module charge the mobile device safely by USB cable.

5). all the devices and phones could be charged equally.

3.Safe Module of Cell Phone Charging Station.

1). the earth leakage protection test ;

2). prevent overcharged technology; 

3). high current protection technology;

4) Fast charging speed